Top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels for Makeup Tutorials

If you're anything like me, you open your browser to search something simple and find yourself hours later either still searching for that original bit or onto topics far and wide. In a world where information is all too easy to get, it's hard to sort out the good from the not-so-good. I've narrowed down my Top 5 Favorite Youtube channels to check out when you want the good stuff:

1. Lisa Eldridge

Guys, please please please check out this makeup artist. She's everything! Her tutorials are easy to follow loaded with tips and product recommendations. Every time I watch, I learn something new and discover great products through her. Her accent is also lovely. I particularly love her series with guest makeup artists--Mary Greenwell is a wonderful makeup artist and a real hoot to watch. 

2. Bobbi Brown

Come here for quick and simple tutorials--without much chit-chat. The looks are all completed with Bobbi Brown makeup but can be recreated with any products you already have.

3. Sephora

These videos cover a wide array of topics from skin care to makeup tutorials. They pack in tips and tricks and most include reviews of the products and recommendations (ie. "this is a silicone based formula which also has skincare benefits") which I love.

4. Mixed Makeup

This channel includes much more than tutorials. She covers everything from skincare to hair to makeup trends. Reviews and tips and tricks, oh my!

5. Claire Ashley

I've been following this channel for a while and really like her general disposition. Her videos aren't too long or chatty. They're informative and fun. She just seems like a nice girl and I love all of the looks she does--they're very wearable and attainable!

And just two more: The Anna Edit is a lifestyle channel but I can't get enough. She's so relatable and sweet. Her videos are chatty and it feels like I'm just hanging with a friend. She does a fair amount of beauty reviews and tutorials as well. And finally, my guilty pleasure: Emily Noel. She's a mom of two and an ex-TV broadcaster. She's so chatty and quirky. I love her reviews on everything from drugstore to high-end products. She's as real as it gets for me. I watch her videos like I watch my girl, Wendy Williams--with coffee in my hand and a huge smile on my face!

I'd love to hear who you love to watch. Comment below: What are some of your favorite Youtube channels or Blogs?