Applying Lipstick

Applying lipstick seems simple, right? Just swipe some on and go. But I often get questions about how to get the color to last all day/night. Now there are a lot of options claiming long-wear, but here are my 4-steps on how long-lasting lip color, with any lipstick:

1. Prep

Just like foundation on skin, lipstick will look better on healthy, moisturized lips. First, use a scrub (or dry toothbrush/washcloth) to gently remove any dry-flakiness. Then apply a balm. Let that sink into your lips. I like to apply this with my skin care before applying the rest of my makeup. After a few minutes, gently wipe away any excess.

2. Line

Use a lip liner all over your lips. I like to start from the outer corners, inward in long smooth strokes.You can use a color close to your natural lip color or one close to the lipstick shade you’ll be putting on top. Make sure to really work the product into your lips either with a lip brush (or even a finger will do). Blot with a tissue, not much should come off.

3. Layer

Now apply at least two layers of your lipstick. Blot in between layers and make sure they’re thin. I love using two slightly different shades to create a bit of dimension. 

4. Finish

Now’s the time to clean up your edges with a bit of concealer around the edges, where needed. Or add a bit more color with your lip brush, again, where needed. If you’ve gone for a matte formula or one that you know is particularly drying, apply thin layer of balm over the top. 

Whether you’ve chosen a more natural, subtle color, or a bold and bright one, with these tips, your lipstick is sure to stay all day and into the night. If you’d like some help finding your signature color or refining these skills, give me a call. I get so excited about playing around with color and formulas!