The 5 Non-Makeup Essentials You Need on Your Vanity

We all know that in order to apply makeup, you need products like foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, etc. What you may not have within arms reach of your makeup might be making it more difficult and time-consuming to actually get all of those products on your face. Here are the five non-makeup essentials you need on your vanity (or wherever you do your makeup):



This is an unedited, relatively non-posed photo taken in the few quiet moments between naptime and snack time. Even though I'm a makeup artist, my space and time is limited. These non-makeup beauty essentials may not be pinterest worthy, but they help me do my makeup effortlessly.

1. Cotton Swabs

Otherwise known as Q-tips, cottons swabs are integral in makeup application. You can use a cotton swab to smudge eyeliner, or lip liner. You can get "gunk" out of your eye, clean up eye shadow fallout, or fix clumpy mascara. It's uses are endless. Just place a few by your makeup and see how many times you end up reaching for one. 

2. Tissues

Every time I finish my makeup, I realize I've used at least a handful of tissues throughout the process. Blotting your lips, cleaning up any mistakes from a heavy hand, or actually cleaning up makeup off your hands (or brushes). It saves so much time from going back and forth to the tissue box (or toilet paper roll) to have a box right there.

3. 70% Alcohol in Spray Bottle

I am constantly aware of sanitizing the makeup in my makeup kit (because omg germs!) and the Virgo in me is happy to report I sanitize my personal stash as well. It's a good habit for anyone to get into and having a spray bottle with alcohol right there on your vanity makes it super easy. You don't have to do it all the time, but especially if you ever blow on your makeup. (Don't blow on your makeup or brushes! Germs!) You can lightly spritz the alcohol on everything from your lip sticks to blushes and eye shadows. I also tend to spray my hands before starting my makeup to make sure I'm not rubbing those germs all over my face. Yuck!

4. Makeup Remover

Having makeup remover handy is essentially your safety net. Seeing it sitting there, next to my liquid liner makes me feel like I can conquer that perfect winged liner even though I have zero minutes and going only to playgroup. It allows you to play with your makeup, knowing you can take it off if you're not getting the look you want--and quickly too. It also allows you to clean up mistakes and even out the edge of your lipstick without taking extra time to go searching for it (and a q-tip to apply it).

5. Brush Cleaner

I usually only use two to three brushes when doing my own makeup. I just find it quicker and easier to use my fingers. So when I want to use the same brush to set my foundation, apply bronzer, blush and highlighter, I use brush cleaner (and a tissue). It keeps the colors from getting muddy on my face, all blending into one strange mix of bronze, pink, and opal. Honestly, I probably would never clean my brushes in between uses if it wasn't right there, in front of me. 

I'd love to hear if you already have these non-makeup items on your vanity or if you have others that fall into the same category. I love learning from you--What are your non-makeup essentials?