All About: Eyebrows

You may have heard it before but eyebrows really are an important aspect of one's face. I've always had sparse, barely-there eyebrows, so I know what a big difference eyebrows can make. Here are my 3 easy steps for a perfect full brow:

Pamela Rose Beauty Portfolio1.jpg

1.  Find the Perfect Shape

To figure out the perfect shape of your eyebrow, you'll need a pencil and a mirror. Put one end down the side of your nose and the other straight through your tear duct. That’s where your brow should start. Next, line the pencil up with your nostril and through your pupil. That’s your arch. To find where your brow should end, adjust the pencil to line up to the outer corner of your eye. 


2.  Maintain that Shape

Now that you know what your perfect shape looks like, make sure you maintain it with your choice of grooming: waxing, tweezing, threading, etc. If you’ve never gotten your brows trimmed professionally before, I highly recommend going to an eyebrow specific establishment. Once there, be really specific about what you’re looking for. I love using these razors for in between professional trims but try to squeeze in a brow threading every 6-8 weeks (a lot of times it’s every 12 weeks because #life). 

3. Fill In Where Needed

If your brows are naturally full, lucky you! You may just need a brow gel to keep everything in its place. Clear mascara, petroleum jelly, or hairspray (spray on your finger and swipe over your brows) will work too. If you use something like petroleum jelly or hairspray, make sure you comb them with a spoolie (a clean toddler-sized toothbrush does the trick just as well, in case you have one of those lying around). 

If you’re like me and need a bit more assistance, use powder, pencil, or tinted gel (or all three in that order) to help you achieve the framing your face needs. It’s totally up to you what formulation to use. Just make sure you follow the shape from step 1 above and stick to your natural thickness. Brush through as you go with a spoolie or brow brush. As for color, keep it within one shade of your natural color--lighter or darker. Keep in mind that going one shade lighter will have a more subtle, natural effect and one shade darker will give you more impact. And for a natural look, the start of your brow should be a bit lighter and more sparse than the arch and end.

I really believe that grooming your brows does not need to take more than a minute or two for a huge difference. I hope these tips were helpful. As always, if you have any questions, contact me. I'm here for you, girl.