Liz & Duncan's Wedding

I started doing friend's makeup in college--as a fun getting-ready-together kind of thing. It often involved loud music, dim lights, and drinks. You could say Liz was one of my first clients, but back then we were fellow swimmers, lifeguards, classmates, and most of all, friends. We lived together post-college and she was the first person I confided in after meeting my now husband, busting open the door to our apartment, pronouncing, "OMG I just met my husband!"

So, when she asked me to do her makeup on her own wedding day, I felt so honored. Liz's effortless makeup look reflects her request to look like herself but also to withstand the NYC summer heat and a long day of celebrating. I made sure her skin looked even, gave her eyes a bit of dimension and finished it all off with a soft berry lip. Simple and pretty. It's the look of love for Duncan that you see on her face, not her makeup.

Liz and Duncan are a really quirky couple whose love bubbles up all around them. Liz works in Music, Duncan in Film so naturally, they ooze creativity. They chronicle their foodie adventures on their super cute youtube channel: So You're Dating a Vegan. They had a really intimate gathering in Washington Square Park, married by Liz's brother. It was so them: colorful, laid-back, and well-documented.

Photography by the very talented Tim Ryan Smith

Liz's Makeup by Pamela Rose Beauty

Liz's Dress by Reformation

Duncan's Vegan Belt & Shoes by Will's Vegan Shoes

Liz & Duncan's Patreon can be found here.

They consistently create really great content--both funny and thoughtful--and I'm proud to call them friends.