Day to Night

We've all been there. It's 6 pm, you're looking a bit rough around the edges after a long day in the office. Instead of heading home to yoga pants and Netflix, you have a hot date, or a girls night out, or another event where you want to look fresh and fabulous. I'll walk you through 4 easy ways to bring your look from the office to cocktails.

Daytime Makeup

Nighttime Makeup

1. Fix Foundation Slips

First, inspect your base for any naked spots. To repair whatever has slipped, take a dry sponge and blot softly to redistribute oils. Instead of layering on more foundation, dust on a little powder. Translucent is fine if you just want to mattify and blur, but if you feel you need a bit more coverage, try a pigmented powder. I like the "press and roll" technique which helps keep your base in place: Load up the side of your brush with powder, press it onto your skin and roll it outwards toward your hairline. Repeat until all shiny areas are covered. 

2. Add Dimension to Your Eyes

Use the deepest color in your eye shadow palette to add more dimension to your eyes. Pat the color into the crease and then blend out any harsh lines. Add the same color along your top and bottom lashline (only the outer corners of your bottom lashline). If you prefer using liquid or pencil liner, feel free to use it. I like to add powder on top of a liquid or pencil line for a softer look--it also helps to set the liner for longer wear. Top with at least one more additional coat of mascara.

3. Go Bold

Remove whatever is left on your lips from the morning with a wet wipe instead of tissue which will leave a messy residue. The evening light calls for deeper colors--perfect for that bold cranberry or pop of pink. I like to apply one layer, blot off with a tissue, and then apply a second layer. This will give you a lasting wash of color.

4. Finishing Touches

Now is the time to take a step back and evaluate if you're wanting anything more to finish your look. If your blush needs to be a bit darker to match your evening look, go ahead and add more. I really love a bit of highlighter right above the cheekbone and on the brow bone to give you a bit of sheen in the dimmed lighting. 

I really believe that the most beautiful thing about a woman is her confidence--but I hope these tips help too. I'd love to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to take your makeup from day to night?