"No Makeup" Makeup

I don't know if it's necessarily a trend, but the "No Makeup" makeup look is popping up everywhere these days. It's one of my personal favorite looks and fits my #momlife best. I always feel weird hanging at the playground with the kids in a full face of makeup. My 3-year-old daughter even calls me out if I try to wear more: "Mommy, WHY are you wearing LIPS?!" 

There are a few different opinions on how to achieve "No Makeup" Makeup but here are my tips on how you can create this easy "you but better" look. 

1. Prep your skin

We've gone over this before, but make sure to wash & moisturize your face. A clean and hydrated base allows makeup to sit on top of the skin rather than being absorbed into it. Plus, if your skin isn't terribly uneven, you can more confidently skip foundation or another base (think tinted moisturizer, BB/CC cream) altogether. 

2. Cover ONLY where needed

Use a concealer or foundation only where you need it. For me, it's under my eyes and on a few spots here and there. The trick here is to use a product with light- to medium-coverage that matches your skin color. If you use a product with full-coverage or something lighter than your skin color, it will be too obvious that you have makeup under your eyes, for instance, but not the rest of your face. 

3. Use subtle colors: browns, golds, muted pinks

When choosing colors for your eyes, cheeks, and lips, choose those that are naturally occurring--ie: soft browns, muted pinks, or even subtle golds. Examine your face when you naturally flush--what colors appear? What colors are present already in your face, in the crease of your eyes, when you rub your lips together? Choose colors close to what you see in your face without product. Products with shimmer are ok, but not too much. And choose a glossy finish over glittery. 

4. Blend!

Blending is key for any makeup look, but especially when you want something that looks natural. With each step, make sure you blend in whatever color you add to your face so there are no harsh edges. When you look close up, you can't tell exactly where the color starts. It's more of a beautiful ombre going gradually from your skin color to the makeup. 

5. Highlight one feature

I love to keep the focus on one aspect of the face. If you choose to highlight your eyes, go with a simple, lip. If you want a bit more of a structured lip, maybe go light on your eyes. Dewy skin can be the main attraction by keeping the rest subdued. 

For me, it's easy to get carried away once I start putting on makeup. I start with my favorite high coverage concealer and next thing I know I'm putting on liquid liner and all the rest! The key for me is to keep it simple and choose a few areas you want to cover or enhance. Stick to those areas and do little on the rest. For me, it's concealer, mascara and filling in my brows. Easy Peasy. And if you have more questions, as always, I'm here for you, Lady.