Declutter Your Collection

On a daily basis, my life is chaotic and cluttered--three kids can do that to a girl. So about twice a year I go through a major decluttering. I find my daily life so much simpler when there are fewer products to contemplate using.  

Here are my four easy steps to declutter your makeup and skin care collection:

1. Product Round-Up

You need to be able to see everything you have in one spot, so gather all your products into one central location. I tend to scatter my makeup and skincare throughout the house--a lip product here, a mascara there. A girl needs to be prepared right? This also means that I have multiples of the same item (lip gloss, I'm looking at you). It's good to get everything in one place to see your current collection in all its glory.

2. Categorize

Now that you have a huge pile of all your products, separate them into piles of like-items. Eyeshadows together, Lip products together, Blushes together, etc. I find it helpful to start general and then narrow down later. If you have two foundations, a tinted moisturizer, and a BB cream, I'd put those in the same category at first. When you go through the larger category, you can make them more specific--Lipstick vs lip gloss, matte vs dewy--if you want. 

3. Trash, Give Away, Keep

Tackle one category at a time, deciding whether to trash the item, give away to an appropriate friend/family member, or keep it. Trash something if it smells or looks gross. Check out how long things tend to last here, but use your best judgment. Give away products that aren't very used but are still within their expiration. These include things you tried but didn't quite work for you or samples you never used. I've given away eyebrow pencils that ended up being too dark, highlighters that I overbought, and countless fragrance samples--perfect for a friend with a bit of wanderlust. Next time you have a girls night, bring your "give away" items for your friends to choose what they'd like. Whatever's left, throw it away too. No sense in keeping things that you're never going to use. (If you have something like a contour kit but never quite got the hang of it, why not get a quick lesson with yours truly and you can start using it. Hooray!)Finally, keep products that are perfect color and formula for your skin tone and type. You love using these products, they're easy to use and look great whenever you use them.

4. Assess Your Needs

Evaluate what's left in your Keep pile. If you ended up with five of the same lip color but it's no longer your go-to color, maybe you can pass a few to a friend who would use it. If you went through your mascaras and found that yours was getting funky, get yourself a new one. Just remember: This was a lesson in purging, not binging so don't go overboard here buying more than what you got rid of. But...if there are any holes in your collection, you have my permission to fill them responsibly. 

And, of course, if you need assistance in figuring it all out, I'm here for you. Gimme a call.