Spa Night

In my most recent newsletter (sign-up here), I talked a bit about my weekly at-home spa night. Here are the basic 5 steps I follow for an at-home facial, but I encourage you to take a few minutes each week to pamper yourself, doesn't matter how. 

Note: If you're wondering what products are right for you, take a look at for reliable, research-based reviews. It's one of my favorite resources for all things skincare and makeup.

1. Cleanse

First, make sure you've removed all of your makeup. Now you're ready for a deep cleaning. Remove dirt and other impurities by using a gentle yet effective cleanser. I usually do a little rinse and repeat just so everything's really nice and clean. 

2. Steam

For a good steam, I simply hit the showers. If you prefer, there are plenty of facial steamers on the market these days. Or go old school: lean over a pot of boiling water. 

3. Exfoliate

To slough away the "old" skin cells from my face, I usually use a mud mask and wipe it off gently with a washcloth. You can also use a gentle exfoliator with beads (those are generally too harsh for my sensitive skin). Another way to exfoliate is with warm water and a washcloth. Use outwardly circular motions from the center of your face towards your hairline.

4. Treat

Now's the time to treat any problem areas you may have. I have been liking those very trendy sheet-masks lately, but you can also use your favorite serum, blemish cream, or something to target your skin issues. 

If you choose a sheet mask, I'll give you a little secret: after removing the mask, take a moment to give yourself a little facial massage with what's left on your face. It's often the perfect texture for a massage. Here's a great tutorial on facial massage, ala Lisa Eldridge, one of my favorite makeup artists. 

5. Moisturize

Finish off your facial with your favorite super hydrating moisturizer! 

That's it. You're 5 steps away from an at-home facial. Won't you join me for a little self-care? Your skin will thank you. If you have any questions about the steps or specific products, reach out. I'd love to hear from you.