Top 5 Advanced Makeup Brushes

In January, I talked about my Top 5 Basic Makeup Brushes but if you want to do any kind of detail work, you're going to need just a few more. 

1. Small Concealer Brush

This is essential when you want to do any detail work to cover a blemish, sunspot, or pesky under eye darkness. Look for something that may be smaller than you're used to, so you can be precise in your placement of concealer. Use it in a patting motion to ensure you're not wiping product off your face. 

2. Setting Brush

If I could only pick one brush to use for the rest of my life, I think it'd be this one. I think I may have 6 of them. It's the perfect size to use to set your concealer (to lock it in place, avoid creasing and prevent shine) or apply highlighter. I even use it to diffuse cream blush.

3. Blending Brush

This kind of brush really blends your eye shadow flawlessly so you get a beautiful ombre effect without any harsh lines. Look for a round, fluffy brush, but not too dense. 

4. Pencil Brush

I love using this small dense brush to place highlighter in the tearduct and under the brow bone. I also use this kind of brush on the lower lash line to create a really easy smoked out liner.

5. Eyebrow Brush

Nothing beats a tapered, stiff haired brush for applying powder to your brows. If you need some extra help in the brow department, check out this post all about how to get those brows on fleek. In the meantime, get yourself one of these brushes. 

I hope that this helps dispel any confusion about how many brushes you really need in your personal makeup kit. You don't need to have a million expensive brushes--just a few will help you achieve the look you're going for. If you have any other specific questions about the brushes you already own, contact me. I'm here for you.