Tips for a Successful Bridal Makeup Trial

We're gearing up for a busy year of weddings and celebrations here at Pamela Rose Beauty. If you're getting married this year, you've likely done your research into makeup artists. Besides being within your budget, you want to feel comfortable with and confident in your makeup artist on the day of your wedding. That's part of the reason a makeup trial is so important. It's your chance to get a real feel for your makeup artist's personality and the way they work. Here are a few more tips for a successful bridal makeup trial with Pamela Rose Beauty:

1. Come Prepared

Make sure your brows are groomed; face and lips are exfoliated. A few months before your wedding is a great time to nail down a skincare routine. Good skin is the best canvas for makeup. 

Know the kind of look you’re going for. Is it glamorous, bold, understated, radiant, classic, or cultural? If you have no idea, be prepared to talk about what look you tend to like and personal preferences/needs, such as skin type, love of a nude lip/aversion of a pink lip, or wanting your freckles to show through the makeup or not. Details are of utmost importance!

2. Bring your Inspiration

Photos of your favorite makeup looks, whether its celebrity or yourself, will be super helpful in identifying what you want your makeup to look like (and what to avoid). Try to make sure the person in the picture has the same or similar facial features and skin tone as you. And remember your finished look won’t look exactly like the reference pictures. 

Bring photos of you in your wedding dress, your bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, your desired hair style. The more information I have, the more I can really picture your wedding and have a better understanding of the kind of wedding you’ll have. 

If you have any specific products that you love, like a favorite lipstick, please bring it! 

3. Wear White & Normal Makeup

It’s really helpful to wear white (or the color of your dress) to get a better sense of how the makeup will look with your dress on. If you don’t have a white blouse or tee, another neutral color will work. Avoid wearing bold colors though as they can really distract away and compete with the makeup.

Please come to your appointment with an amount of makeup that you’re comfortable with and colors you love. If you normally don’t wear any makeup, feel free to come to your appointment fresh-faced. This way, when you tell me you want to look like yourself, I have a reference point. 

4. Speak Up &  Be Specific

Communication is key here. During your trial I will ask lots of questions about everything from your wedding to your skin and makeup routines. I’ll ask for your feedback throughout the application and encourage your honest opinion. 

I understand it may feel awkward to ask for something different than what I just did, but I’m a professional and it’s my job to give you a look that you love. If you tell me you want a winged eyeliner and think maybe it doesn’t look as romantic as you thought, I’m happy to adjust it. I’d rather you say something right away so I can fix it then find out you were unhappy with the finished look. Don’t worry about offending me. The most important thing is that you are feeling the most beautiful you ever have and are comfortable. Do not leave your appointment unhappy. 

5. Trust me

Once we’ve chatted about all the details, it’s time for the fun to begin! You can sit back, relax and let me do my thing. I’m trained to make you look flawless on and off camera throughout your entire event. I’m here to ensure that you walk away from our appointment feeling heard, understood, and absolutely beautiful. 

In the hours after your trial, take note of how your makeup is looking throughout the day/evening. You can even take photos in different lighting. If there are any changes you want to make (more powder to avoid shininess that popped up mid-evening or a more neutral lip color), it's important to let your makeup artist know. These minor changes can easily be made the day of your wedding, without any additional appointments. Talking to your makeup artist about what you loved or want to change will put you at ease about how your makeup will look on your wedding day. Contact me today to book your bridal trial! Can't wait to chat with you!