Summer-ize Your Makeup

Spring has sprung and I've been in full Spring Cleaning mode. After assessing my keep pile of makeup, I realized I needed to replenish a few of my favorite summertime products. I thought you might like to summer-ize your own makeup collection, so here you go:

1. Lightweight nighttime moisturizer


In the summer months, I don't feel like slathering my skin in all of those heavy moisturizers. Instead, I opt for something really lightweight. I've been loving the entire Countermatch Line from Beautycounter and the night lotion does not disappoint. And on those really humid nights, I can't think of putting anything on my face other than a spritz of this from Juice Beauty.

2. Sunscreen


Although it's important to use sunscreen all year 'round, I find I go through a lot more during the summer months (way more skin exposed). And while I can usually get away with a simple tinted moisturizer with SPF during the winter months, in the summer I like to layer a separate sunscreen throughout the day for extra protection. Remember: Reapplication is key!

3. Bronzer


Since you're not getting bronzed by the sun's harmful rays, you can use a bit of bronzer to give you a bit of warmth.  I generally prefer a matte bronzer, but you could go for something shimmery too (try Hourglass if that's your thing). Sweep the bronzer in a '3' along the outer edges of your face--hairline, low on the cheekbone, and jawline. With whatever's left on my brush, I like to also hit my nose. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer is a classic and like the ease of this trio from Smashbox

4. Bright Lip Color


I love how a little color on my lips can brighten my whole look. For a more opaque lip color, follow my apply, blot, apply, blot rule. But if you want the ease of something more like a tinted lip balm, I've really been liking these Lip Sheers from Beautycounter. ILIA makes a tinted lip conditioner in a great array of colors. You could also try a Satin Lip Cream from Juice Beauty.

5. Waterproof Mascara


No one wants smudgy mascara. That's why during the summer months, I tend to reach for the waterproof versions of my favorite mascaras time and time again. I generally use this one from Dior but am so curious about this more natural version from Ere Perez

Those are a few of my summer go-to's. What's in your summer bag? If you need any help clearing out your collection or shopping for some new products that you'll actually use, contact me. I'm here for you, girl.