Makeup Tips for the DIY Bride

You're getting married! Congratulations! With so much planning surrounding your big day, maybe your makeup is last on your list of things to think about. Maybe you don't wear much makeup usually and you're thinking about not even hiring a makeup artist at all. I understand that not everybody wants to hire a makeup artist for their big day. So if you're the DIY Bride, here are some tips for doing your own makeup on your wedding day:

1. Do Your Research

This is a really important first step. There are so many resources on the internet (hello, Youtube!) but you should also consult a beauty professional for accurate information that works best for you. Whether it's speaking with a makeup artist, having a makeup lesson, or consulting an aesthetician during a facial, getting information about your skin type, colors, techniques will be invaluable for your wedding day and beyond. 

2. Layer Products

Layering products does two things. It helps the lasting power of the makeup and can create a more natural, seamless look. Make sure you're building thin layers to avoid a really caked on appearance.

3. Stay True to You

Take a page from Her Royal Highness Megan's book, when planning your makeup look, stay true to you. If you never wear makeup, don't attempt an instaglam look. Keep it fresh and classic by sticking with your go-to look. If you're unsure, try to remember a day/night you felt truly beautiful and confident. How was your makeup? Were you bare faced? Did you have a bold lipstick? 

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you've decided what look you're going for and the products you'll use, it's time to practice. See how long it will take you to apply everything from start to finish. Take photos right after application and again hours later--try for natural lighting. See how everything wears as the day goes on. 

5. Take Your Time

On your wedding day, allot more than enough time to dedicate to your makeup. Act like it's an appointment and try to limit distractions during that time. This will allow you to relax and take your time. There are a lot of emotions that come out on the wedding day. You want to be able to concentrate on your makeup without worrying about time. 

If you're on the fence about doing your own makeup on your wedding day, have a consultation and trial with a makeup artist to see if that helps you decide one way or the other. Maybe a makeup lesson is all you need to feel confident in doing your makeup yourself. Whatever your needs, I'm here for you. Contact me today to see what's right for you.