Find Out Your Skin Type in Three Steps

How many times have you been asked (or ask yourself), “What’s your skin type?” Many of us shrug and guess, “Normal?” Products are great at targeting our skin issues, but first we need to know what those issues really are. You can figure out your skin type in three steps:

  1. Wash Your Face

    Use a very gently cleanser or just plain water to wash away dirt and makeup. You want your skin to be at it’s most natural state (without any product residue). Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

  2. Wait 30 Minutes

    Don’t apply any products after you wash and dry your face. This is really important to see what our skin actually needs, without us guessing at it.

  3. After 30 Minutes: How does your skin feel?

    Tight & Flaky. Your skin is dry and needs a bit more moisture. Using more facial oils and thicker creams, and less powders will help your skin look its best. Try a cleansing balm or creamy cleanser to keep your natural oils where they belong. Exfoliating regularly will slough away the dry flakes while adding a weekly hydrating mask wouldn’t hurt either.

    Shiny & Slick. It’s oily, alright. Even though it might feel like an affliction, your skin will keep it’s youthful glow longer. As we age, we loose moisture in our skin so starting out with a bit more means you’re ahead of the game! Products with sulfur or tea tree oil (but alcohol-free) will help reduce excess oil. But beware: too many of these oil-nixing products may actually alert your skin to produce MORE oil. It’s all about being gentle and finding your skin’s balance.

    A Bit of Shine & A Bit Tight. You’ve got the combo platter. Most people have combination skin. This means, you’ll need to be flexible with your skin care regimen and give your skin what it needs, where it needs it. So if your forehead tends to be shiny, use a mattifying cream there. But the skin around your nose is flaky or your cheeks feel tight, use a thicker cream in those places.

    Nothing in Particular. Your skin is normal! Normal skin won’t have any signs of dryness or oiliness. Keep being gentle with your products to ensure your skin’s staying balanced. If you ever notice any of the above, tweak your skin care regimen accordingly.

Now that you know your skin type, it’s time to give it what it needs! No matter what your skin type, be gentle and consistent. If you have more specific questions, please reach out! I’m here for you.