Three Reasons I Wear Makeup

As soon as my son turned three this past December, he became a three-nager. If you’re a parent, you may already know that this stage that feels so much harder than the terrible twos. In the midst of our daily struggle for independence (he both wants it and wants me to do EVERYTHING for him), I let my makeup routine fall off my to-do list. But lately, I’ve been really missing “something.” I think I’ve figured out what that is and how I can bring back a teeny bit more joy into my daily life. It might not surprise you that it’s putting on makeup! Here are the reasons even a little bit of makeup goes a long way for me (and maybe for you too):

  1. Feel more pulled together:

    When I have makeup on, I feel more pulled together than without it (even if I’m just at home, or just running errands, or just at the playground with the kids). It’s sort of like putting on jeans versus wearing pajamas.

  2. Feel ready for anything:

    Last minute plans? Forgotten birthday parties? Running into the ex? I feel prepared and confident for whatever the day brings when I have my makeup on. No more making excuses for “looking tired.” (Eyeroll. I HATE when people say that to me and I’m just like, “Well, I AM tired, thanks.”)

  3. Feel Joy:

    The act of putting on makeup is fun and the few minutes dedicated to myself, reminds me that I matter as more than just ‘the mom’ and ‘the wife.’ I’m a woman of many hats (as are you, my dear) and putting on blush is how I reinforce my Rockstar Woman hat.

For me, it’s more about how makeup makes me feel rather than how it makes me look. If I feel fabulous, I can conquer anything that comes my way. So, if a bit of mascara, concealer and lip gloss helps you feel your best, then I say it’s totally worth the 3 minutes to apply it! You’re a Rockstar and deserve to feel that way each and every day.

If you’re thinking, '“I’d love to feel pulled together, prepared and confident everyday. I’d love to have a daily reminder that I’m worth it (wink)—but can’t commit more than 3 minutes to my makeup routine.” I’ve got you, Girl! Contact me to set up a makeup lesson where we’ll go over exactly how to have an efficient makeup routine that fits all your needs.