Video Production with Refinery29

On this episode of Try Living With Lucie, our host, Lucie Fink tries out 5 different wedding makeup looks. From glam to colorful and dramatic, she tests out different looks for her and her wedding party to wear on the big day. Watch this week's Try Living With Lucie for some major makeup inspiration!

As Key Makeup Artist in this video production, Pam created each of these looks specifically for Lucie after listening to what she was hoping to achieve. Off camera, Pam walked Lucie through all five looks—just as she does during makeup lessons.

If you skip to about the 2 minute mark, you’ll even catch Pam’s cameo.

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Lesley & Tiago's Wedding

Their love story was written by the stars. It gives me goosebumps, how meant to be their meeting was. He was the cute guy on the subway who Lesley saw almost every day on her morning commute and hoped would casually start up a conversation. And then one day, Tiago got off at the wrong stop to do just that. Tiago's warm and genuine personality captured Lesley's heart and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Catherine & Jason's Wedding

I met Catherine in middle school, meaning we've been friends for almost 20 years. She's one of the most loyal and caring people I've ever met. If you looked up the word friendship in the dictionary, Catherine's picture would be there. She's an amazing woman who's heart is her biggest asset. Even better has been the addition of Jason in her life. He is exactly the kind of man you hope your best friend meets and marries. They really bring out the best in each other.

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Liz & Duncan's Wedding

I started doing friend's makeup in college--as a fun getting-ready-together kind of thing. It often involved loud music, dim lights, and drinks. You could say Liz was one of my first clients, but back then we were fellow swimmers, lifeguards, classmates, and most of all, friends. We lived together post-college and she was the first person I confided in after meeting my now husband, busting open the door to our apartment, pronouncing, "OMG I just met my husband!"

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